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Ekel Ultra Hydrating Mask Green Tea

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The product provides enough moisture and nutrition to skin exposed by stimulation from outside,  and its active component forms protective coat and helps moisture not evaporate to moisturize your skin. The moisturizer and softener make your skin healthy, energetic and clean with enough moisture and nutrition.

Green tea is Polyphenol, catechin content given by the oxygen remains of the skin, which contains ingredients. Under the convergence and real effect of the skin clean and comfortable state keeps the skin. Also, balance and for longer periods of time to the skin tone, looking clean and transparent. Contains green tea leaves in a lot of vitamin c and helps the skin, removing waste.

How to use: 

1. After cleansing, remove the water and use a lotion to prepare the skin. (do not use lotion or cream).
2. Unfold the essence mask, spread the sheet, place it on your face in line with your eyes, 
and stick it to your face so that there is no area to be lifted.
3. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and remove it from the face when absorbed to some extent.
4. Essence remaining on the skin is tapped and absorbed into the face.
5. Finish with cream if necessary.

Contents: 25ml/1pcs

Age35 - 40, from 40, 25 - 35, up to 25
ProblemPeel off the skin, Redness, Pigmentation, Acne
Skin typeNormal, Problematic, Sensitive, Dry, Combined, Oily
EffectCalming, Detox, Soothing, Anti-age

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Ekel Ultra Hydrating Mask Green Tea

Ekel Ultra Hydrating Mask Green Tea

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